Three Reasons Vinyl Siding is More Popular Than Aluminum Siding

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Siding plays a key role in giving your home its color and curb appeal. It also performs the critical function of protecting your home against the elements. If you settle for a material like wood, it can be challenging because it requires painting, sanding, and scraping to function properly. But aluminum and vinyl are your ideal options due to the low maintenance cost.

Three Reasons Vinyl Siding is More Popular Than Aluminum Siding

While these two materials are great choices, here’s why vinyl siding has higher demand:

  • Vinyl is available in many styles. Unlike aluminum siding, vinyl siding is available in a wider range of textures and colors. You’ll not have any difficulty finding the perfect style and color to fit your home. Some popular vinyl styles you can choose include scallop, woodgrain, cedar, clapboard, and traditional shake.
  • Vinyl is more durable. In most cases, vinyl siding is two times thicker than aluminum siding. In addition, it’s more resistant to impact damage, meaning it doesn’t scratch or dent easily. Vinyl is also better than aluminum at resisting UV rays, temperature changes, moisture, and insects.
  • Vinyl is more energy efficient. When you’re choosing between vinyl and aluminum siding, energy efficiency is a critical consideration. The exterior cladding of your house should be able to keep cooled and heated air inside to reduce the cost of running your air conditioner and furnace. For example, aluminum isn’t the best pick because it becomes hot quickly during the summer. This means you’ll keep the air conditioner turned on most of the time to stay cool.

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