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We have been delivering first-rate services as a roofing contractor for over 25 years.

When your roof needs attention, what’s the most important factor? You may think it is the strength, longevity, price, or appearance of the roofing material. These are all important considerations, but it’s actually the roofing contractor that makes all the difference. Even the most expensive and durable material won’t protect your residential or commercial property if it has been installed by an incompetent roofing contractor. That’s why choosing a reputable company is the first step in making sure your roof does its job.

Roofing Contractor

Make sure when you’re considering a contractor that they have proper credentials. For instance, we have the following coverage:

  • Bonding insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Manufacturer certification
  • Material and labor warranties

At Carolina Custom Roofing Services, we have been serving as a highly capable roofing contractor for over 25 years. In that time, we have increased our experience and expert knowledge to make sure your roof protects you and your home or commercial property for a long time. We’ll make sure your roof is installed properly and safely so that you get the full benefits or whatever type of roofing you choose.

In addition to our commitment to quality workmanship, we value our relationship with our customers. We provide excellent customer service by communicating with you and going above and beyond. If you have questions about roofing or any of our services, we would love to answer them. If you require roofing services, including an inspection, installation, repair, replacement, or restoration, give us a call today and ask for a free estimate.

At Carolina Custom Roofing Services, our roofing contractors serve customers in Asheboro, Mocksville, Salisbury, and Yadkinville, North Carolina.


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