What are the Benefits of Gutter Guards?

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Gutters are integral to protecting your roof and preventing leaks, and one of the best ways to care for your gutters is to keep them clean. Gutter guards are a valuable extension of your gutters because they block debris, like leaves and twigs, from getting into your gutters and creating a blockage.

What are the Benefits of Gutter Guards?

Here are some benefits and reasons why you should invest in gutter guards.

  1. Saves you time and money – Cleaning out your gutters regularly takes time. Whether you do it monthly or seasonally, you will spend a lot of time on a ladder digging leaves out of your gutters. Instead of spending your own time or paying someone to do it, gutter guards will keep your gutters clear of clutter.
  2. Eliminate pest intrusion –Have you ever had a bird or squirrel build a nest in your gutters? With gutter guards, you won’t have to worry about certain animals or pests building a home in your gutters. Instead, the gutter guards will block them out and keep your gutters pest free.
  3. Prevents ice damage – If water gets stuck in your gutters during the winter, it can freeze, creating ice dams and serious problems. With gutter guards installed, you won’t have to worry about this issue.
  4. Prevents rust and corrosion –When damp debris sits in your gutters for prolonged periods, it can increase the chances of your gutters rusting or corroding. Having a way to prevent debris from sitting in your gutters will help prevent the early stages of corrosion.

Gutter guards are an easy and effective way to keep your gutters clear and your roof protected all year round. If you have questions about gutter guards and whether they will work for your home, contact our team today.